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Did you even read my post? Maybe your eyes started blurring with tears of hopeless rage and you didnt catch the parts where i laughed at you for getting too serious about a internet game.

Super dork, language is keeping you locked and repeated. I've read that exact same post so many times. It's always facinating to me when I see these kids who have formed their whole personality around internet gaming communities. Maybe if you pierce it it will stop lying to you.

Lol, how can you say I've formed my whole personality around a gaming commonity when it's YOU who is so infuriated by "Noob Clans" that you had to start this sad thread in the first place? And please, for the love of god, don't say dork.

Cliche e-insults aside, you are clueless, and your attempts at making gaming related points regarding this game are shallow. I realize that by attacking something which clearly forms a large part of your self-image (s/o nf jka rpg clans) that I have incited your e-fury.

What game related points? The only point that comes across in my post is that you are obviously a obnoxious little man who thinks the world revolves on his 1337-kill skills. Oh, as for e-insults, calling someone a dork is about the most laughably obvious e-insult there is. So practise what you preach assmonkey.

Take your ritalin, wack off to some porn, eat that candy bar that your mom has waiting downstairs for you, and watch some TV until your desire to express yourself goes back down a bit.

Sigh. Very mature. How old are you? 13? You sound about 13. On second thought, you might be a big fat 38 year old network tech who hates the world and lives for proclaiming your leetness to anyone who is stupid enough to listen/allow you on their boards.

Really, stfu. don't embarrass yourself further.

I > U
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