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I'm pretty sure this is the only game that people get bashed for being a better player than most, and the whole "OMFG H4X0R!!!!111" thing doesn't even come into play here.

How can you say that either of our lives are based on a video game when we play far less than you (i haven't touched JKA in 6 months, JK2 in about 2-3) and yet can still crush you? I'm willing to bet media puts only a tiny fraction of his time into dominating these servers compared to how long you sit there in your little clan server or whatever trying to emulate some kinda jedi chivalry code for absolutely no reason at all. I mean after all, it is only a video game, right? So what's the need of these made up laws?

Who has less of a life now? The guy who puts in a few hours or less of his week to just have a little fun killing people in an online game? Or the guy who stays idle in his server trying to enforce his own bushido code?

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