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Originally posted by hgwall44
Ok guys, first off it takes loads of skill to use a saber just like it does guns. When you play with sabers like some skilled clans like JASA WoV or -S- you will see it takes a lot more than just doing a simple side swing. I know people in this game that have timings set down to the point that if they see you do a certain swing they can jump in and slap you before you even have time to react.

Now with guns, guns take skill also. I play ctf on base servers so I know guns. I bryar duel alot and I know that takes skill.

After playing both styles, and getting good at both for as long as I have played, I have learned that they both take skill.

Now where do some of you get off going 'oh im all bad Your a nub and cant do anythin'. You cant really say anything(Fallen'VS) if you havent even PLAYED any of us.

I hate the old school talk. Everyones like oh if it was like it use to be these people would get owned so easy. So what this is saying to me is that you cant adapt to the times. You cant figure out something new, you have to whine about it and complain. Shows me you have only a set bit of skill.

If a server has rules set, just follow them its not that hard. There are rules such as not pissing off the members and owners of a server.

Now lets all just settle down, get back to the game, and play!
Compared to the other guys in your clan that have posted here, you seem a lot more open-minded. Much respect to you for that.

But... Honestly, the way this game is played now requires no adjustment to the changing times. NF/SO combat just takes FF/SO combat and dumbs it down completely. There were so many other elements to make the game so much more complex than simply timing a saber swing.

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