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Originally posted by JASAEric
omg u noobs. there is no skill in guns all u do is point pull trigger. and NONE of the good players use guns notice: JASA server is the most popular ffa server in JA. and wat kind of noob calls jetpak and grapple cheats? u said 'a cheat is nething the game makers didnt intend in the game' so y did they make a mod tab? Isnt that saying custom skins is cheats? dam noob. U wouldnt duel ne1 because the only way u fight is at long range where its harder to strike bak if u want to play w/ guns go to bf cause only noobs dont use sabers
The one thing you fail to realize is that the people your arguing with, are the ones that pioneered many of the full force/saber/weapon combos that became so hated by the masses that could not adapt to or counter them in JO...

Also, for pete's sake man learn to spell and use some form of grammer.

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