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Polk stared out over the disgusting landscape, before finally stepping out of the shuttle.
Chaos, and a sole jedi walking across the ruined town, and when seeing Polk, started running towards him, lightsaber raised.
He fell dead to the ground as 20 stormtroopers opened fire at the same time.
Only a jedi master could survive against both a sith and a squad of stormtroopers, and when Polk had found other squads he could finally get this crazy invasion back on track.
"Sir, reports of local resistance moving this way."
Polk nodded and used the Force to look further down the street, and in the distance saw women, childs and old men, all armed with metal objects and other useless weapons. Dozens of them, marching towards trained killing-machines.
They would soon be within range of the blasters, and Polk sighed, feeling doubt in his heart.
No soldiers, no one that came to fight for those defensless people.
Cowards, all cowards.
The stormtroopers placed themselves on a straight line, and the squad leader held up his hand.
"Wait for it!"

You can't say that civilization isn't in progress, because in every war, they kill you in a new way

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