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Let me put this as simply as possible jasaeric. A complete newbie can get lucky and defeat a highly experienced "saber dueler". So much of sabers is extreme luck. Like pretty much everyone in this game, when I first started playing I played tons of saber dueling (in jk2). I quicky found it too simple and boring....and it's worse in JKA. In JKA the saber hit detection is laughable (sabers passing through bodies with no damage), the random damage is a joke, and in the end it mostly comes down to who is more patient. This makes it impossible to take saber dueling seriously as a competitive gametype. I'm not just bashing your gametype when I say it takes 10x as much skill to get good at full weapon. I'm telling the truth. If your clans took me on 5v1 in 10 matches, I would win all 10 without you getting one frag on me. Think about that. That proves that there is a huge skill difference between a newbie and an experienced player.

We've done it all folks. Saber dueled, full force dueled, full weapon. I've seen it all in saber dueling. I know what i'm talking about. I'm not trying to be an ******* when I state the simple fact that none of you have the slightest clue about full weapon players. Here is a video to teach you a lesson or two about the community you are dealing with.

This is a famous jk2 video by DSbr, a legendary jk2 full weapon clan. Watch and learn.

"Trick jumps and frag highlights from team DSbr, the original pioneers of jk2. Darksaber has been defining how the game is played since day one. We now present our revolutionary efforts to the masses with this latest video. See why DSbr has been cocky, rude, arrogant and down right mean when you feast your unworthy eyes on this sick entertainment."
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