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Let me relate a little story for you guys. When I first started playing jk series, about 3 years ago, I played on nf s/o most newbies. I was clueless to every other aspect of the game. I was an nf saber dueler for about 2 months...and was considered one of the best. I found that I was starting to get bored. There is a peak level of skill in saber dueling, and once you reach it, there is no where to go. At that point, if you duel someone on the same level as you, it really just comes down to luck and patience. That wasn't very interesting to me, so I started joining random servers to see if there was anything else cool in the game. That's when I stumbled across FK and CTF. I was shocked. these guys were flying across the map at unreal speeds, making high percision and high dififculty moves as if it were simple, and beating people 3 vs 13 in matches. As someone who has done it all, I can tell you that compared to the real competitive gametypes, nf saber dueling is a joke. After I saw FK, I had no desire to nf saber duel again and began the long and difficult road to mastering the more complex and skilled gametypes. Even just one ctf skill, like strafe jumping, takes more ability and practice to master than everything in saber dueling combined. I reached the peak of saber dueling in 2 months. After 3 years of playing s/o ctf and full weapon...I still havn't found a peak. I could still improve a ton if I were to practice hard like the old days. Don't just dismiss what I say, because i'm telling you the flat out truth. You have two choices. Continue on your rpg saber ways, or open your eyes and join the competitive community. Some people aren't cut out for it (it's difficult and takes tons of patience. You will get totally owned for a long time). And those people stick with sabers because it's so much easier and infinately more simple to get good at.
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