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Um...i'm a member of JASA, it's a good clan. Organized, fun, fair, and has a good host(Chosen) running it. I believe were pretty admin's perfect, and i rlly doubt one of our admin kicked u for killing him....though it's possible. And about u being good...maybe u That's not a useful quality compared to personality, but it can be fun. Once you've gotten real good though, there's nothing left but to gloat about it. I believe the fun in the game IS training, and losing so u can see your flaws and improve upon them. That's what's makes it fun. And about u being absent from the game for a long time, and still being able to beat us? Well....after awhile of doing anything, it becomes something u know by heart....english for example. Though after a year, it's possible u might be a bit off...but in short time, it'll all come back to u like everything else. And about Lanfear replying to everything u say so he can save himself or w/e u said...ur doing exactly the same thing...not that i won't, which I probably will. Both guns AND sabers require skill, though IMO, saber requires the most, with force powers at the bottom. I think alot of servers have disabled force because they are tired of ppl misusing gripkick so often. I rlly have to say, it gets annoying when someone repeats something over and over again. And you call a whole clan n00bs.....from what it sounds like, there were only a few members that supposedly mistreated u. Most of us are good ppl who like to have fun and play this game. Well, this is all just my opinion on this thread. I probably didn't organize this post well, i'm tired and too lazy to remember EVERYTHING u guys said to eachother. And yes.....I read the whole nerdy of me. And BTW, RPGing is quite fun actually. I don't know if you've ever tried it, but it allows you to share your imagination with other ppl, and to meld it with other ppl imagination to make something beautiful and enjoyable...except when there are admin abusers, lamers, or ppl who rlly suck at RPGing :P
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