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Marin: Okay. *She rises* Chere was...well, I don't really remember her well. It's been a year since I saw her. I met her when I was running from the Shadows and a sort of...street gang that Aidan had connections to sheltered us for a while. She was with them as well. But not really part of them...She usually sat apart, had a haunted look in her eyes. That's the only reason I remember her.

*Raschel interrupts the two, coming up behind then*

Raschel: Er...Heimdall? I'm not sure what's going on here but...Tanara wants to know if you'll allow her sister Elaina to travel with her. I...assume you know who she is and what's going on with them?


Guy's Ship, Extraneous Hold

*Guy enters the hold and walks over to three linked cages in the center of the room. Only one occupant was awake, the girl in the image Guy had shown Aidan and Marin. She sat cross-legged on the floor of her cage with a stormy expression on her face. Adjacent to her was a boy with exceptionally light blonde hair, still unconscious. The final cage held the large, pale aqua-skinned gargoyle, also still asleep*

Chere: Well? Are you going to let me out now?

Guy: Aidan and Marin don't know you very well, it seems.

Chere: For crying out loud, I never said they did. I said I knew them. That doesn't mean I was their best friend.

Guy: Or ever spoke to them?

Chere: I did too speak to them! Well, Aidan. A few least...c'mon, you aren't really going to leave me locked in this parrot cage, are you? I saved your freaking life!

Guy: As I said before, I have no way to verify that story. But I am going to let you out.

*A groan comes from the gargoyle's cage. The seven-foot-tall creature lugs himself up on his hands and knees, then looks up. He stares at the bars of the cage, then looks over at Guy*

Gargoyle: Interesting.

Chere: And you're not letting him out too, are you?

Gargoyle: Excuse me?

Guy: That remains to be seen. I'm taking all of you to meet the others...the fellow targets of your former captors. You can explain yourselves to them.

*The gargoyle shakes his head drowsily*

Gargoyle: So you did win out in the end...with my help, remember?

Guy: I remember.

*The hold splits open. The halo of glowing metal forms under Guy's feet, and a small section of the hold remains underneath the three cages, hovering in the air. The cages float after Guy, rapidly covering the short distance to the shore*

Gargoyle: You do realize I could have killed you all back there in the snow field...and I would really like to be out of this cage about now.

*The cages land in the center of the beach in front of the Asgardried. As they do, the remaining sleeping occupant of the three cages stirs. His eyes stay closed, though. Guy steps off the metal ring, which again vanishes*

Guy: Yes, I do realize that.

Chere: You ARE going to let him out? Last time he was out he tried to kill me!

Gargoyle: Some people take things too personally.

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