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*Heimdall turned to Raschel*

Heimdall: No I am not aware of the situation with Tanara or her sister. However, unless there is a very good reason for us to bring her along then the answer will be no.

*Heimdall is interuppted from going on by Chere's interesting complaint. Turning Heimdall looks at the three occupants in the cage and listens to the gargoyle's response to Chere.*

Heimdall: So these are the three captives, I'm assuming that one *motioning to Chere* is Chere. Who are the other two and why should we let any of them out?

*Svafa had seen Heimdall walking towards them and waved Idona, Idun and Gerd to stop. The four of them began walking towards Heimdall and Marin, arriving just as Heimdall finished asking his questions.

Idun bent over and spoke softly into Gerd's ear*

Idun: Go back to the ship and get the others, I have a feeling they should be present for this.

Gerd: Ok.

*Gerd runs off to the ship*

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