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Guy: Yes. *Pointing to the boy* His name, I presume, is Cody Green. *Pointing to the gargoyle* K'Warra K'laar. I know no more than you about the first two. K'Warra K'laar I know is a powerful magic user who is very old.

K'Warra: Old? Do you see any wrinkles?

Chere: *frustrated* Aren't you supposed to be the 'white hats'? The good guys? Good guys don't leave teenage girls locked up in cages, do they?

*K'Warra smirks*

K'Warra: If you'd listened to me eight months ago, we wouldn't still be here. But no. You wouldn't trust me.

Chere: You tried to kill me! Twice! How on earth can you ask me to trust you!

K'Warra: Oh, don't act so offended. It was a simple misunderstanding. It's not as if I'm still after you.

Chere: Simple misunderstanding?! You tried to kill me!

*The boy wakes up at that. He sits up and looks around at the group owlishly without saying a word. His eyes are colored an unnaturally bright shade of green*

Chere: Cody? You're...awake?

*The boy stares at Chere, then at K'Warra*

Cody: Chere? K'Warra? What are we doing here? *He stares outside again* Why are we in cages?

K'Warra: Thank your short friend on the other side of you for that.

Chere: I told you, this wasn't my fault! If you hadn't been trying to---

K'Warra: Kill you, this never would've happened. I know. You've said it enough before. And by enough, I mean several hundred times. A day.

Chere: *petulantly* I so have not said that...that much.

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