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K'Warra: I can help you. Whatever you're doing, you must know those nasty mercernaries could be back any time. This is from the other side, grant you, but it seems to me your blind friend hasn't done a very bang-up job protecting you from those highly unpleasant relatives of his. *He mocks a thinking pose* Let's see. If I recall correctly, it was me who saved you all a week or so ago. Wouldn't it be a bit ungrateful for you to in return leave me locked in a cramped little cage like this? Oh, and as for these other two, it would seem very unsporting of you to keep a couple clueless adolescents---

Chere: I am not a clueless adolescent.

K'Warra: Excuse me, one clueless adolescent and one brilliant, well-informed if a little spacy near-adult, in cages not fit for animals to live in comfortably, just because you're afraid they might make you stand on your head with their minds.

Chere: I cannot do anything of the sort! And if I could, I wouldn't!

K'Warra: Chere, my dear, how do they know that?

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