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I'd like to start off by apologizing to all parties that I insulted in a different thread which the admin Kurgan has closed. (I have since PM'ed Kurgan an apology about the whole thing).

Mediablitz...I checked out that video you linked to..gotta admit pretty freakin amazing stuff, I can't even imagine the level of dedication it takes to get THAT GOOD at this game.

FK Unnamed THANK YOU..for your explanation of the "competitive gamers" side of this story without all the insults. I now realize why some of you are a bit bitter towards the JKA community as it stands today. Being punished just because you have decided to dedicate yourselves to being the best at what you do is a crime and a sin.

Mediablitz, I don't know the details around you being banned from our server..but please understand it is just VERY hard to beleive a member of USA would ban you just for being a better player than's just not in our nature, we are a community, the game comes secondary to that. But of course I don't know the details so I don't know for sure that you haven't been wronged. But when you come to an open forum and openly insult us well the "screw with me and i'll screw with you" mentality seems to prevail (perhaps we aren't so different after all)

We at USA play nf/so because in our opinons it is the funnest way to play the game. In the end the only thing that counts is what you have the most fun playin wether it be Full everything or a more limited aspect of the game. I feel sorry that you guys don't have more servers to accomadate your style of gameplay..that sux.

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