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Guy: The girl, from what Marin and Aidan told me, doesn't seem to pose a danger. I cannot give an informed recommendation on the other two as I do not know enough about them. I would recommend waiting.

Chere: Cody isn't dangerous...why would Cody be dangerous? He's just here because...? *She trails off, making the sentence a question*

*Cody stares silently, wide-eyed and looking a little afraid. K'Warra grins at the "isn't dangerous" part of Chere's comment*

K'Warra: Let us think. Why would you keep a prisoner, who's nothing but a child, in an almost constant drugged slumber for eleven and a half months, if he's already in a cage that a dragon couldn't escape from?

Guy: I suppose you'd like to tell us the answer?

K'Warra: I don't need to tell you the answer. I'm only stating the obvious. Now ask yourselves honestly: how long do you really think you can keep us imprisoned like this? Do you know anything about the maintanence and upkeep of these cages? Do you have the resources to do it indefinitely? You could leave us to starve, of course. But as Chere so esoterically put're the "White Hats". Unless our previous captors severely missed the mark in their assesments of you, I doubt that's happening. I advise you try for a win-win solution: You help us, and we help you.

((*Stops posting for the day before a new page is created and everyone is all "WTF" *))

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