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Here is my problem with USA from my point of view. You guys had set up your 2nd server in such an elite fashion. base settings with kick enabled...I loved it. I decided I would try to help you guys out. I tried to show your members some things, and posted a few tutorials on your site. Then one day I come on my new favorite server and find that it's set to s/o nf on ffa_bespin and everyone was standing around the pad....this was too bitter of an irony for me. You would have to be a JK2 player to understand....I saw that damn map and that exact same **** so many times...and yeah...I did get a little heated over it. I admit I didn't really have the right to say anything (it's your server) but it was just like a slap in the face...a reminder of everything I hated about jk2. So from my point of view, it went from being my favorite server in jka to the exact settings and map that disgusted me in jk2. It was too much for me to handle. I was a little pissed that you banned me (I thought it was ungrateful) thus I put you guys on my list. Honestly, I thought you guys were pretty cool. Basically everyone in your clan I met was open to learning about the game, and seemed eager to learn the other aspects of JK series.

This is still my favorite game. If somehow the doom 3 community and jka communities were reversed, JKA would be the single best FPS hands down. That's what frusturates me. I'll take you guys off my list I guess.
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