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Hmmm, you make a very good argument Media, one which I tend to agree and disagree with in equally strong measures.

I'm sure that when you get to a certain level of gaming everything else just pales in comparison - and then, when you see or experience something which doesn't sit well with you,you can go a bit overboard.

Man, if you're competitive and thats the way you like to play then I won't p1ss on your parade. I know full well that there are guys out there (maybe like you) who can own everyone in our clan and most other JKA clans with one eye closed and a hand tied behind their backs.

But I don't have the time, or the inclanation to go to those lenghts. I simply cannot justify the time spent to achieve that level of gameplay to myself - and more importantly - my girlfriend.

I think that rings true for alot of ppl who play on our servers. We are a competitive clan - to a certain degree - and there are ppl in the clan who will read this and go find a FW/FF server and train till their little fingers bleed. But for the majority this is just an opportunity to recapture that feeling you had when you saw Star Wars the first time and though, "Man, if only I could have one of those saber things."

We (JASA) are above all other things, a community. I'm sure you felt some pride in your clan when you were in it. You defend it from insult, you respect your fellow members and you give a bit of yourself over to the clan. Maybe that 's how this whole thing got started, every clan who reads a bad thing about themselves (even if it's true) will freak out and start flaming (with various degrees of successfulness) simply because you insult something they hold dear.

I understand that things arnt what they used to be in the community, but you must understand that things change and that you have to respect the views and opinions (no-matter how hard they suck) of others when you go to their servers and start playing there.

If you went to our Forums and reported the incident with the admin things would have gone down very diffirently. I've been playing on our servers for a while now and I've NEVER seen anyone kicked/banned simply because they were better.

So, if you ever feel like taking out the noobstick and going at it for a few rounds with some JASA players you are more than welcome to our server. Who knows, you might like it.

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