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R.I.P Star Wars RTS's.

That's what will happen if ANY of Windu's ideas happen he obviously doesn't want anyone else but himself to enjoy the game and even if he got his own way he propably wouldn't actually play it.

Borders arn't needed and everyone has already argued that until thy're cobalt blue in the face. Windu is obsessed with thinking about an SWGB 2 when it most likely won't be, Age of Titans doesn't have Turret pushing because of Seige Myth units being avialible early game.

Warcraft 3 doesn't have much of it either because they're too expensive early on and the Undead require Blight which is similar to Zerg creep to build on.

I'll explain the idea of Blight/Creep

Every time you build/summon a building it creates a circular area around it with Blight on and on the blight you can summon more buildings expanding the area further. Only Town Centers or as the undead Necroplis can be built where there is no blight, Gold Mines can be haunted to create an area of blight, There is also an item which creates Blight but in a nutshell Blight?creep is needed to build nearly all buildings on with few exceptions.

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