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Yes Wild Jedi you can join.

Okay, I guess everyone's on this ship that's going to crash.

Okay well the battle in space is going to continue for a long time, reinforcements for the Mandalorians will come and battle it out up there, also the Vuana are going to send landing parties to Thaldoria and try to invade the planet, while Mandalorian ground forces will defend the planet surface.

We'll continue this battle until the fighting settles at a stand still. I think then would be a good time to end this first story and start a second one.

One battle in space where the Vuana try and capture the space station, and a battle on the ground where the Vuana try and set up a base on Thaldorai. My plans are for the Vuana to accomplish both tasks but it's open ended for you guys to have a chance to effect the outcome.

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