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Originally posted by mediablitz

This is still my favorite game. If somehow the doom 3 community and jka communities were reversed, JKA would be the single best FPS hands down. That's what frusturates me.
You've summed up my frustration media. I feel your pain.

I think media just loves this game and it breaks his heart that he's the only competetive player in it because this game is so ****ing fun to compete in.

He also talked about how he first stumbled upon FK. I did the exact same thing and was floored by how good sin and spec were on my first visit to their server. I wanted to get that good. I quit my clan (which were mostly NF duelists) and started playing CTF and FF/SO duel religiously.

I guess the real hope here (which is a hope I have long since given up on) for media is that some of the players in the community will open their eyes to what an amazing competetive game this can be as media and I had our eyes opened years ago. It's so frustrating to see such a good game go to waste because the RPG community is so set in their ways and so controlled by their egos that they drive the competetive community to games that aren't as good as this game could be.

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