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ok can I ask what is 'old school'? I mean you shouldn't get bragging rights because you are 'old school' if it's any one who play JK2 then thats me. Im 13 and i've played DF and DF2. Now that's old.

By the way no-one post 'Oh he's 13 he soooooo imature' believe me im not. Well i agree guns take skill (i love ctf so i know) but sabers are just more timing, it's only an opinion so don't flame me. I have loads of FPS (UT2004, getting half-life 2 for christmas, Unreal 2, Dues Ex 1 and 2 etc.) and JA is not as good. Full stop end of argument, another opinion so don't flame me. But saying that doesn't mean i don't enjoy JA's guns.

Peace Dudes
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