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Honestly, my only experiences with JASA clan have been really bad. As soon as Rumor tells me how to do this, i'm going to post hte link to the demo I made of me on JASA server getting absued by the admin and then kicked for no reason, even though I followed every rule. The Admin in question was JASA Eric.

The first time I played on your gun server some guy named Arctic abused his admin powers. There were about 20 people on the server and I was careful to follow your rules (I wanted to play and not get kicked). I told the story elsewhere in this post, but Arctic banned me even though I didn't break one rule and everytime I fragged him he had a weapon drawn. Obviously, I didn't much care for JASA clan after that. My 2nd experience wasn't any better, and it is recent. As you will see from this Demo, I joined your gun server and immediately two of your clan members broke your own rules by "laming" me with my saber down. Now...I could really give a **** about that. I don't care about those rules, but I was following them on your server. So I got some ammo and started fragging people within your rules (watch the demo...your whole clan was breaking your own rules left and right. In fact, I was about the only person on the server actually FOLLOWING your rules). Then JASA Eric empowers himself and starts attacking me. I killed him once, then he grips me (in ja+mod nothing can break an empowered admins grip) and lunge kills me. 5 seconds later he kicks me. How exactly am I suppose to have a good opinion of your clan? my only two experiences with jasa was getting abused by bitter kiddie admins even when I followed your server rules.

demo comming soon
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