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Originally posted by RoyTordesLegend
Neil, you're the BEST damn moderator this one horse town has ever seen......firm yet fair.....willing to bend the rules if necessary, yet willing to show a firm hand when needed. I don't understand why you haven't been upgraded to Super really MUST be something to do with a secret society. How can Thrik - cool though he is, be promoted ahead of you? I'd bang on the bosses door sharpish for a Christmas bonus.
The reason I Haven't been 'upgraded' is because I'm not as good a mod as you're making me out to be (thanks for the compliment anyway). Now i've started Uni, I'm not here as often and when i am, I tend to do what I can withou making myself out to be the bad guy to everyone, which is kind of where I fail, i try too hard to be the guy everyone likes and be a decent mod at the same time and most of the time it doesn't balance out, so you get a relatively nice guy and a mediochre (sp?) moderator.

But the system is working... mostly, so i doubt i'll change much and I'll probably still be a mod if not just an on-off patron by this time next year.

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