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Wanna be a pirate?

Breakdown: Sande Alessi Casting will hold an open call for Pirates of
the Caribbean II & III, Disney's sequels to the blockbuster starring
Johnny Depp. Director: Gore Verbinski. Shoot starts Feb. 2005 (through
Dec. 2005). There is pay. Seeking: Extras - Pirates: 18-50, any
ethnicity, skinny (emaciated), especially males with genuinely long hair
and beards (no wigs), extreme characters with wandering eyes, scraggly
teeth, missing appendages, serial killer looks; Marines: male,
Caucasian, 18-30, must be between 5'10"-6'1", British-looking, pale
skin, angular features, no facial hair or long hair, military training
and/or rifle training/marching very helpful; Sailors: male, Caucasian,
18-30, slim/athletic builds, hair must be shoulder length or longer,
with sailing/rowing experience; Actual tall ship sailors: male,
Caucasian, 18-30, must have tall ship experience on a dual or triple
mast vessel, must be able to row, rig, and climb the mast;
Townspeople/Villagers: males and females, 18+, Cajun, Aztec Indian,
African, Asian, South American, Turkish, and Caucasian British-looking
types with character faces and bodies; Amputees: male, 18+, with leg or
arm amputations; Fisherman: portly character types with ruddy faces and
real beards. Open call will be held in L.A. For information call (818)
725-2905. SAG Feature Film, pay. Link

come on guys, lets go be pirates!

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