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Re: New Worlds and Tusken Camp

Originally posted by Jennaida
I noticed that people were able to find enough in the game from the planned Carth romance DS ending, to put it back in, and to allow Bastila onto Korriban again, and I was wondering about two other things.

I've heard at least once that Sleheyron was /going/ to be on the world list, there any chance enough of that was put in to make adding it back feasible?

And... in a different area, there was going to be a side plot with the Tusken camp that would eventually get you seen as a hero to them, I'm wondering if enough of that was put in to feasibly make a mod, as well.
If you bring the krayt dragon pearl back to the sand people you get honored with there story/history from there loremaster. This would be the Tusken Hero side plot you are refering to it was never cut. (it helps to be light side and to choose light side dialogues.)

Sleheyron only has screenshots that have been seen there was no areas included as easter eggs. Now I could be wrong but i think sleheyron is in TSL correct? If so we may be able to reverse engineer the maps and put it into KOTOR 1.

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