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Originally posted by Kj°len
This is true, but the Bungie people just hinted that MAYBE they'll make one, so who knows? I'd see it anyway.

Besides, there's no proof that Bungie will be involved, just like the Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowlings just like "Yeah, make a movie, whatever." and they did. Bungie might just let someone else do it.
Despite Rowlings more than usual involvement in the movies. I'm not saying they're great movies, and they're nothing on the books, but she was more involved than people think.

But with Halo, well, I'd watch it just because I could never be bothered to play the damn thing, but I've been told parts of it's story and it sounds pretty decent. There's also a book out, but to hell if I can be bothered with that, I'm trying to get into Asimov books at the mo.

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