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Originally posted by kire
I am not very far in the game, maybe 15 minutes. My party is myself and that other guy i freed from the energy prison. At this point they are trapped and i am controlling the droid in an attempt to free the 2 guys. I get to a large room with many containment fields and 1 computer console. I use it to open the emergency doors on the administrative level (where the other 2 guys are i believe) then the droid gets fried.

After that happens i get control of myself, the jedi and the partner i freed from the energy prison, and my screen is all black. The music is playing and when i hit start i can see the menus all fine, but when i am looking around in third person everything is black.

I have loaded back many times and the same thing happenes every time. Any help?
I think this happens with modded Xboxs when you are trying to play it from the hard drive, you need to use the Original disk to get past this part
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