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another idea

sry for posting so many mod request but im just brimming with ideas

i noticed there are many darth maul skins and it made me think(yea very dangerous) why not find the best skin of darth maul and make him a recruitable character with his ightsaber and everything he could take place of the t3 droid and could make a new area where u could find him lik a whole new sith planet, korriban, or leviathan(spelling?)

ideas if anyone is thinking maybe a new planet like naboo starport where obi wan is fighting darth maul (idea of where u can get there could be from yavin station)(the planet is just a suggestion not a have to)

and maul could be your old appretence or hk-47 could know him as one of his old masters or etc.

comments please on what u think

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