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Originally posted by Taerdin
Almost since I first started playing this game I have wanted to see some kind of main character and Bastila romance plot... and luckily the designers have one in there... my only problem with it is... why can't my female characters be the target of Bastila's affection?

I was thinking it would be amazing if Bastila could fall in love with a female character and that whole subplot could happen even though you are a female.

Now I'm sure that would take all kinds of rewriting and whatever... but maybe, would it be possible to just change the male model to the female one? So the game sees the character as male, but when you look at your character they are undoubtedly female...

It wouldn't even be necessary to rewrite anything so that the characters say she instead of he, and the male npcs hit on you, I just want a male that looks female (everywhere ;D) and can have that little romance subplot with Bastila

If the above is at all possible, I would be forever grateful. This would be the best gift ever, please someone at least reply telling me how hard/long this would be, and whether or not someone with no modding knowledge (but an incredible eagerness to learn) would be able to accomplish this feat.

Thanks for reading my request

Also if T7 reads this, thanks for the plug-in it's awesome
A fan of lesbians, are you?

well yea of coarse but neither did clone troopers, or storm troopers now u cant say thats any different
Exactly, and that's why they're not in KOTOR.

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