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Here of course we have a problem. You can choose to allow the Confederacy to sneak around, and for the Empire to attack with fast vehicles, but then they stop being the Confederacy and the Empire.

The idea here is to play as the different sides, and the films clearly show us that the sides play very differently to each other. For example, if you are a fan of sneaking around and a good air force, you would play as the Rebels. If you love armoured vehicles, you would play as the Empire and so on. While certainly we wouldnt want to prevent players trying out different ways of attacking, they would quickly learn not to use the same tactics with two or more sides.

Turret and Fort pushing though and completely seperate, as they do not really have anything to do with the nature of the sides. They are built specifically for defence, and were never intended to be used as offensive weapons, and it should stay as such.

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