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Originally posted by Kj°len
Now now, don't assume they'll all suck until you see them. LOTR was adapted from the books and the ROCKED. Harry Potter movies were... ok.

I've just waiting for a Monkey Island movie.
Shall we all start pointing out the difference between decent games and decent books? One is meant to have a better storyline.

And the only reason the Harry Potters were crap was because the key actors couldn't act in the first 2 films and too much was left out of the third film.

There are very few games out there that could, under decent circumstances, be made into a half decent film. I can't think of many, beyond Good and Evil has a nice storyline, but it would need to be fleshed out slightly for a movie. The Longest Journey may be to complicated for the average movie goer, but shortening it would be sacriledge, so I say leave it as it is.

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