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*Deac, Syrnl and Orthos burst in the head office to see a large struggling crate and a figure sat in a chair with their back turned*

Deac: Alright, Lokpihet, hand over Real Deac

*The case shudders*

Lokpihet: We're in here

*The chair turns and is occupied by none other than...*


Real Deac: Yes. You see, I masterminded this whole scheme to make a good holiday special. As you can see, it didn't go quite as planned.

Syrnl: Well with those yanks and their finals...

Real Deac: Yes...a shame. No matter, I think we got the intended job of the holiday special done

*Reletha and Lokpihet get out of the box*

Lokpihet: Oh yeah, this was just a plan to lure you the Christmas party

*Streamers fall from the ceiling and a band begins to play*

Deac: Is this just random or a total cop-out ending

*Walks into wall*


*Real Deac chuckles*

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