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Exclamation The Official EU Trivia Thread !

Hello All. Welcome to the EU trivia thread.

Some very SIMPLE rules

1. Ask Star Wars EU questions only. If not strictly EU(ie. about a book/comic/game), it MUST be related to the EU via the movies. Any non trivia posts will be dont make 'em

2. Try and supply answer with some info, such as what book, comic or game it was in, or reference source eg.

let me give an example

Q : What colour is Grand Admiral Thrawn's Skin ???
A : Blue... I first came across Thrawn in Tim Zahns Heir to the Empire.... cool character

3. ONE ACTIVE QUESTION AT A TIMEIf you are reasonably confident of your answer, have answered all question components and provided references, you may ask a question. If details of your answer are incorrect, this will be clarified and may affect whether you are assigned points.

therefore, if are only speculating you CANNOT ask a question
eg. Hmm.. i think you are referring to Grand Admiral Thrawn, but im not sure and cant remember where I read it...

If you dont feel like asking a question or have gone blank, just say PASS and anyone else can ask a question


5. !!NEW!! A TALLY will be kept of posters and their number of correct answers. This tally will be posted every 50th post or so. The leader will be given a (crappy) EU related award

* * *

I'll start

Q. Who are the Noghri and what is their home planet AND have the noghri appeared in any of the SW games ???

Asinus asinum fricat

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