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*K'Warra stares at Drago with a thoughtful look on his face*

K'Warra: you go all the way back to the beginning. Another immortal. How interesting. Now if I can just remember where you came in, I could figure out what your problem is. Names would be helpful. Oh, and I never found immortality, immortality found me.

Aidan: *answering Heimdall* No one deserves to be locked up in a cage. That's a horrid idea. Besides, how dangerous can they possibly be?

Marin: *in a low voice* It doesn't seem right to leave them locked up like this...although this K'Warra makes me nervous...he could be dangerous...*in an even lower voice* And leaving him in that cage could be dangerous as well. If he's as powerful a mage as they say and he gets out without our help...

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