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Heimdall: There are some in this universe that deserve worse then these cages Aidan, and don't grow over confident.

*Gerd gets out of the Asgardried, shortly after her comes Vidar. He is without his armor, and bandages cover most of his upper torso and his arms. Still he walks under his own power if slighly slower then normal. Valda follows closely behind Vidar, having uttered a spell that was giving him additional strength. Bringing up the rear was Viddall and Ragnar.

When Vidar came close enough so not to shout he spoke.*

Vidar: Release them, and allow them to go home.

*Heimdall turned and looked at his brother briefly, nodded and then turned back.*

Heimdall: Guy, you have our answer let the captives go. *looking each cage for a moment* They can return to their homes or try and find peace here before the universe ends.

*The other Aesir had gathered in a lose circle around Vidar. Idun talked to Valda in a low voice so no one else could hear*

Idun: He shouldn't be up yet...

Valda: He insisted so I'm giving supporting him. No more then an hour at the most.

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