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I'm not sure if they've appeared in a game or not. They're my favorite EU alien species though. My source is the T. Zahn trilogy that they first appear in
CapN - the Noghri's game appearance was in Jedi Academy. Although Thrawn/Pellaeon appeared in the old "Tie Fighter" game, I dont believe the noghri featured in it.

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Originally posted by Wraith 8
Q: Whats was the name of Wraith 8? and what was so special about his face?

Firstly. Wraith squadron was a squadron created by Wedge Antilles for covert missions. It consisted of a unique mix of pilots with highly specialised skills in different areas. The Wraith Pilots featured in the "X-Wing" Novel series written by Aaron Allston.

Wraith 8 of course describes the 8th designated pilot of this squadron.

my copy of 'X-Wing : Solo Command'(towards the end of the series) tells me Wraith 8 was the Gamorrean Voort "Piggy" saBinring.....

HOWEVER, up until this point Wraith 8 was actually Garik "Face" Loran, so I assume this is whom you are referring

Face had been a child actor, used in Imperial propaganda holos. He received a facial scar after he was kidnapped by ex. Rebel Alliance extremists. The scar was actually inflicted by his Imperial rescuers

check out this cool page for full bio, and even a pic of Face, from a Japanese NJO cover.

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Q. What/who is Lusankya ??


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