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Guy: I'm willing to transport the three of you back to the Aether. I can't promise I can take you all the way back to your homes, although I will if time allows.

K'Warra: Drago the Barbarian, eh...So Conan with scales? Now, what did I do to someone named Drago the Barbarian that would make him describe me as 'totally lacking in conscience or honor'? I don't actually recall ever commanding an army of vampires and hellions, unless perhaps you're using a bit of hyperbole.

Chere: *under her breath* Ya right.

Cody: *to Chere, in a low voice* K'Warra commanding an army? That's hard to imagine...

Chere: *low voice in reply* Well, he looks the part, doesn't he? Wings, tail, claws...kind of-horns... He just needs more...clothes...

K'Warra: *at Heimdall's statement* Now why would we want you to take us along with you?

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