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Actually, the correct answer is Ubiqtorate.

The Imperial Intelligence comrpises of 4 different divisions:

* Ubiqtorate:
the division that oversees all operations of the Imperial Intelligence at the highest level. Members of the Ubiqtorate are anonymous to all other operatives and members in the lower divisions.
Due to this secrecy and fear it creates, the Imperial Intelligence came to be know as just Ubiqtorate on many worlds.

* Internal Organization Bureau:
a division of Imperial Intelligence charged with protecting the overall Imperial Intelligence organization from any internal or external threats. It is known as IntOrg for short.

* Analysis Bureau:
the division of the Imperial Intelligence which is responsible for gathering data from other divisions and searching for patterns or other relevant information. It employs some of the best decryption and encryption experts in the galaxy.

* Bureau of Operations:
a divison of Imperial Intelligence which handles many of the surveillance, infiltration, counterintelligence, and assassination missions for the Empire.

The Imperial Intelligence is a military intelligence agency. Its counterpart intelligence organization is the civillian ISB (Imperial Security Bureau), created by the political party COMPNOR.

So COMPNOR has nothing to do with the Imperial Intelligence really.

Perhaps I should choose some easier questions next time, though I didn't think it would be this hard.

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