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Originally posted by Jan Gaarni
..Perhaps I should choose some easier questions next time, though I didn't think it would be this hard.
Oi ! Where your answer and question soldier !

No, keep 'em comin Jan, I plugged in imperial organisations into the CUSWE and there were so many, I didnt know where to start. The entry for the ubiqtorate was very short. Can you please state your references ?

I dont see this as a weakness in my unstoppable EU knowledge at all[/false pride]

anyways, CapN got the answer pretty much

with the questions I ask tho, I'm trying to make them informative about some particular series or character so someone not as huge on the EU might read and perhaps want to check that book out[/false hope]

* * *

anwyay, Im leaving the Mirax question open. Cool character


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