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((JM: What do you mean specifically? If it's long, ask in the discussion thread ))

Aidan: I can't think of a good reason to enslave a world. Mercy killing I can understand...

K'Warra: ...A year ago? Eh? What did "they" do? Mercy killing? Oh and Jiyle? I remember that name...I remember someone by that name abandoned Elizabeth to the clutches of the Vampire Kvana Clare when Shunaria captured me. Someone named Jiyle and someone named Drago the Barbarian...*K'Warra taps his chin* Great-great-great-grandaddys of yours?

*Raschel walks up shortly into the conversation and now speaks up*

Raschel: *to Drago and K'Warra* What exactly are you all talking about? Since when did "Magic" ever exist except in myth, and in other dimensions? And why have I never heard of you people if you did all this stuff? *to Orthos* Who are you channeling now and what is it talking about?

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