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*Heimdall stops and looks at Aidan*

Heimdall: Consider this Aidan, don't answer just think about it. You have a father and a brother both are cruel and enjoy watching people suffer. Your father has decreed that a world is to be taken over and the populace enslaved, either you or your brother could do it. If your brother does it the people will be brutalized, if you do it while these people may be slaves they will live out decent lives and not have to fear that strange men will torture them for no reason. If you try and oppose your father you will be killed and the people will still be enslaved.

This is such a circumstance that enslaving a world would not be an evil act but one where your trying to protect the population.

*looks at Raschel*

Heimdall: This is all long before you were born. Before I was born as well actually.

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