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Q: Who is Mirax Terrik, her famous family members, and the name of her ship ?
Let's visit Phreak's memory banks once again.

A: Mirax Terrik is the daughter of famous smuggler Booster Terrik (you remember his famous red Star Destroyer, the Errant Venture). After CorSec officer Hal Horn (Corran's father) caught up with Booster and sent him to Kessel, Mirax took over his operations. Her ship is the Pulsar Skate. Although Wedge isn't direct family, he is considered a part of the Terrik family since his parents' death. Mirax eventually married Corran Horn, and they had two children.

I think that covers it.

Here's a pic to illustrate phreak - [/Astro Mirax fan]

Q: Name the Republic Commando squad that was sent to Qiilura. For a bonus, state their designations.

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