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FroZ - i was actually referring to the space battle, not the ground battle.

luke - no. But again, their attack was a delaying tactic. They would outnumbered and could not win, which is why the Rebellion sacrificed a few pilots to get the rest of the Rebels away.

I agree that the Endor ground battle used stealth, not head-to-head. However, how did you come to the conclusion that the Rebels used stealth for destroying the 1st Death Star? The whole point of an attack is not to engage every enemy unit or destroy all defences. The idea is to achieve your objective, which in this case was the destruction of the DS. As for stealth, how could there be anything stealthy about attacking a moon with 30 fighters??? The Empire clearly knew the Rebels were attacking, the lack of opposition was due to the Imperial overconfidence.

luke, you really need to accept that I am right here. On Endor, the Rebels used stealth and on Hoth they fought a delaying action. They have gone head-to-head with the Empire, but only above Yavin and Endor.

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