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Originally posted by Jan Gaarni
Q: Who brought the star maps over Republic space into the hands of the Sith shortly before the end of the Sith Empire's era 5000 years BBY, and what were they're original mission?
Gav & Jori Daragon IIRC. This is from the "Golden Age of the Sith" comics of course and does take place some 5000 BBY. Gav and Jori charted hyperspace routes for smuggler and freight haulers, to try pay of the many debts they owed to Aarba the Hutt. Unfortunately for them, they crash landed on Korriban, a Sith stronghold and got mixed up in events that became known as "The Great Hyperspace Wars", which featured sith lord Naga Sadow.

For more info on the "Golden Age of the Sith" Series Click here !!

[nb. Please do NOT confuse this with the "Stark Hyperspace War" which occurred about 10 years before the Battle of Naboo. This particular story is featured in a comic of the same name]

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A: Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Knights of the Old Republic.
well maybe just Revan if you play the game and turn evil
tsk tsk ! Lucky we're not keeping points Wraith as you would get some negative points there I think you had the star forge mixed up with what Jan was asking...

I am leaving your question open as the current active question

Q: What little creature did Ton Phanan take from Storini that made "Grinder" faint?


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