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Originally posted by edlib
The Indy box set is sweet. Get it ASAP.

The Extended versions of the LOTR movies are great also. Now I have all 3. I watched all 3 in one sitting last weekend. It was pretty intense.
I have yet to make a dent in all the bonus feature material yet.

@ Joshi: 200 DVDs! I thought I had a lot! But I know I don't have over 200 yet... I might be getting close though. I have officially run out of shelf space.
I already have the Indy boxset and I'll probably get LOTR ROTK extended edition for my birthday (and if not, I'll just buy it).

And just to note, we moved house sometime in june and my room has no shelf space (whatsoever) so all of my DVD's are either in boxes or over at University. I have a box that holds 80 cd's and that's full of DVD's, then I have about ten or twelve DVD's that I bought at Uni and the rest are here at home.

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