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Holy bahllz.

2) Don't get confused by thinking Venture Brothers is an anime.
Oh no no. I am a big fan of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer... Doc Hammer is also a fabulous oil painter (portraits) as well as comedy writer, but that's for another day.

3) Inuyasha on Adult Swim, never really did it for me, but I can sincerely say I have enjoyed every single one of the 167 episodes in Japanese with English subtitles.
Well, let me restate as I don't think saying "Inuyasha is terrible" is a fair statement, anyway. It's certainly not the worst anime television show I've seen and it actually attempts to brings some Yokai to mainstream modern cultures, but I am ruined by its rampant popularity. In fact I'm ruined for most anime because of this. Nevertheless, I do find I get soft spots for certain ones, like "Furi Kuri." And I can't really form a fair opinion without having seen the realy Japanese version. I guess I'll have to hit up Bit Torrent or something for that.
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