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Q. Who were Wedge Antilles' romantic interests and what became of them?
*Qwi Xux (pink bird girl that helped engineer the death star )
They met during the Jedi Academy Trilogy Novels IIRC.

they split up after a few years, it was a mutual decision IIRC. By the time if NJO, Qwi was last mentioned as helping a species called Vors rebuild a sacred structure on their homeworld(Vortex)

*Wedge then fell for Iella Wessiri of new republic intelligence. This all came to fruition in the later X-Wing series novel, Starfighters of Adumar By the time of NJO, Wedge and Iella had a young daughter Myri.

* * *

Q. Who was 'The Dark Woman', what was her real name, and name the bounty hunter associated with her ??

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