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Re: Holy bahllz.

Originally posted by Orbyss
Well, let me restate as I don't think saying "Inuyasha is terrible" is a fair statement, anyway. It's certainly not the worst anime television show I've seen and it actually attempts to brings some Yokai to mainstream modern cultures, but I am ruined by its rampant popularity. In fact I'm ruined for most anime because of this. Nevertheless, I do find I get soft spots for certain ones, like "Furi Kuri." And I can't really form a fair opinion without having seen the realy Japanese version. I guess I'll have to hit up Bit Torrent or something for that.
Well, yes, I feel the same way about somethings. If it's too popular I don't like to.... like it, just to join the crowd. But Inuyasha is a great anime regardless of it's fans, and if I was the only fan, or the billionth fan, I would love it all the same.

Now, I don't want to be an arrogant ass, but it's "youkai". American culture seems to like to take the "u" out of words and names after "o". Now I'm not telling you that you must use this term, or even that you are incorrect, it would just bother me too much if I didn't get it out there. I'm a very anal person, I guess. Sorry.

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