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This problem happens to me 75% of the time on my clan's new server. I have to quit before the end of each level or I have to wait 10 minutes to try to get back into the server.

This is a serious problem because I have several important duties and my game problems become other people's problems as well.

The problem must be a combination of server and client because it didn't happen often on our old server, and it doesn't happen to anyone else in my clan very often.

I've tried turning off all my extra programs like my firewall. It doesn't make a difference. In fact I've tried so many things to find a workaround I can't even list them. Quitting the game with a few tickets left is the only thing close to a workaround that I know of.

I'm running Win98 SE and I don't use a gamespy ID. Those are the only substantial things that I can suggest might be the key difference between myself and others.

Any help would be appreciated.
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