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Nudist Handmaiden [Spoiler?]

Not sure if this has been mentioned before...

Right after Handmaiden joins your party (you must be male, of course), if you have her train you in fighting and then tell her to put on her clothes (do NOT check her equipment beforehand), note that she doesn't appear to have any clothes on. Now, if you check her equipment, not that she has none equipped. You can continue to tell her to equip her clothes, but none will appear on her, in her equipment screen, or in the inventory screen.

Now, choose to go to Onderon (at least that's what I did). After the whole sequence and the landing, have Handmaiden go with you. She will still be nude, and you won't have her clothes at all (not on her or in the inventory screen).

I have yet to see if not being trained until viewing her equipment solves this problem.


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