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Let's talk about guitars!

Seeing how Yufster is pregnant, this is the time to talk about guitars.

Personally, I tried to learn, lacked the patience, or the talent. I never got past the power punk chords, so I had a brief stint in a punk band as a rythm guitarist, not to dissimilar from Naked Raygun or Fugazi. I gave it up after a while when one of the members decided I had a really nice voice, so I took over on the mic instead, and it has stuck over the years.

My first, and last guitar was a Krammer, off white with the bridge on the strings. Had to tune it about four times a day, then it got on my nerves. I sold it about 5 years ago for $200.

My favorite guitar belonged to a guy in one of my old bands called "Drive Naked Save Clothes". He bought this thing in a pawn shop for $25, and at one particular show, he pulled a Jimmi Hendrix and lit it on fire.

He is playing it in this song:
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